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Alice has had to grow up fast, and knows all about The Downer -- the wildlands beyond The Breach.

At least...she thought she did.  When she finds herself on the other side of The Breach, she discovers the stories she heard were not entirely true.

"...a wild ride though wild lands

in an imaginative retelling of

Wonderland, with an Alice who

can hold her own..."


"...the shotgun axe is my new favorite weapon......"


Apocalypse ALICE



Caitlin Lyle Farley  -- Readers’ Favorite

"In this compelling retelling of Alice in Wonderland, Apocalypse Alice introduces us to an older version of the original character, living in a world ruined by an event known only as The Fall. This Alice carries a shotgun axe, which is my new favorite apocalypse weapon, and knows that survival too often rests on her willingness to use it. Many of the familiar Wonderland characters appear throughout the book, but in alternative forms and circumstances. Some of these appearances are very brief, but it’s fun to identify who these characters represent. Crimsa is a particularly fascinating example of Volker’s unique re-imagining of the Wonderland originals. The plot is fast moving and thoroughly engaging, with a dark twist that only fully reveals itself at the denouement. While the conclusion is satisfying, there are some loose ends that I hope mean there will be a sequel to this thrilling Alice in Wonderland retelling.

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