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Considering one of my novels for your next book club?

Whether kid, teen or adult, I would absolutely love to take part in your discussion via skype or phone -- or even in person if your group is local! 

There is no fee for my participation, but I would appreciate it if your club members each purchased a copy of the book.


If you'd like to hang out -- virtually or otherwise -- just fill out the form below to get in touch! I'd love to hear from you and it would be a blast to hang out and chat about the books, hear your thoughts, answer questions -- whatever!

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School and Library Programs

I attended NYU for a BFA, studied acting at the Lee Strasberg  Institute, and spent several years with a theater geared toward arts and education bringing workshops into schools. Combining all that with my love of mentoring, my years spent running classes and workshops as a education co-op instructor, I bring an energy and ability to connect with adolescents and teens to inspire their belief in themselves. 

"Melissa has a relaxed camaraderie with every group of kids

I have seen her in.  She really encourages child and adolescent

audiences to travel with her down the road of writing, publishing

and how HER creative process works.  Kids will be inspired to

pick up her books and read (mine were) and the art of writing

becomes an alluring activity when seen through Melissa's eyes."

FREE (yes...Free!)*
I'll spend an hour with your class or group of teens and talk about my journey into writing, how I fell in love with the music of words, my writing process, answer questions and open their eyes to the possibilities within themselves
 in a casual, relaxed setting.

For more structured, focused workshops, see below.

*local area of Pioneer Valley only. Farther than 30 miles can be a Skype call)

I'll come  to you for a 45-60 minute session - 10 student minimum:


Learning to 'see'              (Grades 5 and up)

Kids often want to know how to come up with ideas for stories. In this session I will guide students in looking at ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Viewing the world through a new lens can open the door to creativity!


What's the Story?         (Grades 6 and up)

How does a story start? I will use my acting background, some improve, some writing prompts to help get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes a few good words will get things started, other times it is the idea of a character that ignites the spark. By looking at some great opening words of other books, and some character creation, I will help students discover some ways to get things going

Writing for Change     (High School)

There's a lot going on in the world today. It's easy to feel powerless. But the pen is mighty, and words -- written words -- can carry immense power to enlighten, inspire, persuade. Usually we think of essays, speeches or letters to the editor as ways to use writing for change, but other forms of writing can be extremely powerful. From personal essay to poetry to allegory, we will explore the way creative forms of writing can influence and impact social change.

Availability  varies -- please contact below to inquire

Cost: $150 (non-profits, etc, please contact me if cost is an issue!)

(Local area of Western MA/Pioneer Valley. Farther away will include travel cost)

copyright 2017

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