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"...a coming of age/horror mash-up that will first terrify -- then break -- you heart...."

1958. Millhollow. Best friends, twelve-year-old Max and thirteen-year-old Sharer spend their days sneaking into the Terrace for Matinees, avoiding old lady Smerek, and finding boyhood adventures in the nooks and crannies of their dilapidated town.

But one spring, when the rains threaten to wash the town away, Max finds a box and something happens that changes everything -- the town, the boys, their friendship. Whisperthings are everywhere, and their childhoods are left behind.

But what is the real truth? The Trilby Box knows.

Sometimes the truth is hard to find. And we believe what makes life livable.


My father was a prolific and talented writer, coming close to agents and publishing opportunities several times.

In the end, he left this world suddenly and unexpectedly, and I inherited boxes of wonderful manuscripts from his complex and imaginative brain. 

This is one of them. Layered and not only what it appears on the surface, it is a fitting reflection of him. And a frightening and powerful story to boot.



The Spring of the Strange and Mysterious Trilby Box


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